12 Things Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health


5Colorless specks in front of the eyes

Such transparent floating specks are more prominent against dazzling backdrop like clear blue sky or bright snowscape or a well-lit white wall even. From time to time everyone has experienced these but if the frequency increases all of sudden it may mean there is tear in retina or a detachment.

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6Swollen red eyes

Usually this is a result of extreme fatigue and exhaustion and also lack of sleep and is often mistaken for eye infection. Such symptoms also appear in the eyes of those who constantly use eye drops with a whitening effect. Long term of such drops is harmful.


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7A yellowish spot near the iris

If you notice a yellowish mark or bump on the white of your eyes near the iris called a pinguecula, which is result of ageing of the conjunctiva and is common among elderly people. In addition, this condition is usually aggravated by UV rays too. So, this yellow spot is commonly noticed in people who spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. But this does not have any negative effect on vision.


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8Involuntary tears

It may sound contradictory but involuntary tears are mostly caused by dry eyes. Thus, the eye tries to make up for the moisture loss and this is more common among professionals and students who spend a lot of time in front of HD TV or Computers.


But if you find it difficult to close one eye and also find it difficult to control its lachrymation, then the things are serious as it means the paralysis of certain nerves, which control facial muscles as well. It usually happens after a severe bout of viral infection.

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