6 Things That Prove A Man Is In Love With You And 6 Signs That Is He Is Only Using You


3If he loves you he will always be aware of how his behavior can affect you

Each one of us has our distinct patterns of behavior, but we aren’t always very good at recognizing how it affects others. When you notice that your partner is becoming more self-aware and is behaving in a way that would never hurt or disappoint you, then take it as a good sign. But, if something has been on your mind or you want him to act differently, then it would be better to not keep it to yourself and expect him to understand it on his own. It’s not like he can read your mind, so open up and have a good conversation with him.

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He is using you if he simply disappears on you

If he bails out in the last moment after you make plans together, or it takes him a long time to respond to your text or phone calls, then he isn’t that into you. While, he can be busy from time to time, just know that a person who truly appreciates you will always make time to be there with you. If you’re only hanging out with him when it’s convenient for him and on his schedule, then it’s probably because he doesn’t value your time.


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4If he loves you he will definitely notice all the small details that will make you happy

Even though grand gestures are amazing, what matters the most are the little things. Be it the flavor of your favorite ice-cream or the name of your very first pet or even the name of the stupid TV shows that you love to watch, this is when you know that he really is that into you. This way you know that he cares enough to go beyond the stereotypical gestures like gifting you flowers or candy and is able to connect with you on a higher and more personal level.


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He is using you if he never is ready to compromise

When your relationship is still new, finding compromises is rather difficult, but the end goal should always be the main focus. In order for both of you to be happy your partner should respect your opinion and find the right balance for everything. But, if he doesn’t want to give up his right to make decisions on everything then it’s time to put an end to this type of controlling relationship.


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