6 Things That Prove A Man Is In Love With You And 6 Signs That Is He Is Only Using You


A lot of women feel very insecure when it comes to their romantic relationships, and young girls tend to experience this more so than anyone else. It’s often due to these insecurities or a previous bad relationship that people tend to doubt their partner’s feelings, and given the circumstance sometimes their worst expectations are indeed justifiable. If you really want to know how your partner feels about you then there are certain signs which you need to look out for which will definitely help you understand whether your partner honestly loves you or is just using you for their own benefit.

1 If he loves you he will stare at you all the time

In the words of many romantic songwriters- “the man who is really in love with you, won’t be able to take his eyes off of you”. Ever notice that most men have a special look in their eyes when you’re all dressed up for a Friday night? But when you notice him watching you with a gaze full of excitement and wonder when you are doing simple things as in cooking dinner or putting on your coat, then you can probably tell that he really loves you.

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He’s probably using you when doesn’t even care to make you feel special

You can tell that he isn’t really that into you when you’re no different from the other girls he’s been with or from his friends. He might even go about comparing you to other people constantly and never show you any signs of affection. It’s probably the case that he doesn’t appreciate you if you actually do feel like you’re one out of the many.

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2If he loves you he won’t freak out when you expect him to

For some people seeing a skeleton stored in your closet can really be a frightening thing. However, if your partner really loves you, knows about your past, the moments you’re not very proud of and he is still with you then the sight of a skeleton won’t cause him to freak out in the least. The sign of a mature relationship and true love is when you embrace all the sides of another person and not just the pleasant ones.

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He’s only using you if he constantly makes you feel guilty

If you are constantly made to feel like whatever you do is not good enough and that you could’ve done better, and that you yourself are not good enough, then it may be time to consider breaking off the relationship. Starting from dealing with problems at work or even choosing the food for your cat at the supermarket, your partner finds a fault with whatever you do. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to make your partner a better person, remember that there is a difference between blatantly making them feel guilty and ushering them to change through love and care.

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