15 Things Husbands Should Never Do In Their Marriage If They Want It To Last


11Don’t lash out at her

Even though your partner is there to support you both financially and emotionally this does not make them your punching bag. Do not lash out at them because you are frustrated at something. Talk to them about or try to ease your mind doing something else. Always remember that in anger we can say things we do not really mean.

Do not lash out at her

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12Don’t try to be her hero all the time

Sometimes all she needs is someone to listen and not be a ‘Fix-it-Felix’. You need to be that person. You need to just let her vent her problems to you without you trying to make things work out. This is something you need to learn and understand. She doesn’t always need a hero.

Do not try to be her hero all the time

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13Do not distance yourself

The only way to make a marriage work is to keep things close. Share everything that you go through in your day to day life. Tell her everything that has happened, is about to happen or you wish happened. Do not distance yourself after a few years with your friends or technology.


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14Do not stop your intimacy

Intimacy in a marriage is something that should never stop. When it does then one partner will feel it more than the other. Intimacy is something that makes a marriage stronger. Physical love can be with anyone but intimacy requires emotions to feel real. Once that is gone then there isn’t anything left.

Do not stop your intimacy

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