15 Things Husbands Should Never Do In Their Marriage If They Want It To Last


The job of a husband is not an easy one. Balancing work and their marriage is something that takes time to learn and adapt to. This is why many husbands are happy to give new ones advice on how they should behave if they want their marriages to last. A relationship is something that both parties have to work on if they want it to succeed but more often than not, it is the man who ends things or the woman just gets tired of it.

1Women always know

A joke that most men make about women is the fact that they will eventually find out what you are up to. If only men realized this was not a joke then they would not make the mistake to think they are fooling women. Yes, there are some women who can’t tell but most of them can see right through your act.

Women always know

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2Do not take her for granted

This works both ways but men are usually the first to take their partners for granted than women. Women are more emotional and when they find a man who treats them right they do their best to stick by his side. Men, on the other hand, do not usually feel this way. The saying ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea’ was coined by a man.

Do not take her for granted

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3Do not indulge in other women

This does not mean you cannot have female friends or hang out with females in general. We all know how sometimes men can linger on certain women. They constantly talk about them and praise them to the high heavens. If men get jealous when women do this then men should not do it as well.

Do not indulge in other women

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4Don’t think her to be below you

One thing that men are prone to do is thinking they are better than their partner. This is mostly due to society and their own parents putting the preference on males in every field. Even if you actually have an IQ score or income higher than she does, do not ever make her feel like she is lower than you. She does not revolve around you.

Men puting hand on girls mouth

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5Make her always feel your love

You do not have to make grand gestures of love to prove it. Even small things such as making her breakfast in bed or surprising her with date night is more than enough. Always remember that the thought is always bigger and not the gift. Make her feel special once in a while even if you’re extremely busy.

Make her always feel your love

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