12 Sure Signs That Your Partner Is Truly and Madly In Love with You


True love isn’t something that is just spoken about or professed by the words ‘I Love You’ it is something that people do and it is visible in a relationship. If you are that type of person who always wants proof that someone loves you, then these are the signs that definitely prove it so. True love is proved by the simple things in life that require cooperation and compromise by a partner and when someone is willing to do that for you unconditionally then that is true love like these signs that your partner is madly in love with you.

1 They share their food

There are many who hate sharing their food, but when it concerns someone who loves you, a man won’t hesitate to even feed you with his own spoon or fork. A partner sharing food with you and offering you food from their plate without minding so even in public is a huge sign of affection towards you. It is also a sign of romantic love.

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2They leave you voice messages

Online communication helps couples stay connected even as they may be apart the entire day due to work constraints. However, there are partners, who never really bother with such things and profess to be too busy even if you ask them to do so. A partner who truly loves you will take pleasure and joy in sending you little romantic messages just to show you are in their thoughts the entire day. But even as text messages shouldn’t be disregarded, it is voice messages that are the real signs of true love because they have taken effort in doing so.

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3They leave their phone unattended

In many relationships, most couples will guard their phones and electronic devices carefully and are totally mistrusting of even partners getting their hands on them in case they find something out of the way. But a partner who loves you has nothing to hide because they only have feelings and eyes for you, thus there is no need to guard their phones like a hawk and neither do they need a lock on them.

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4They are up for trying new things

One of the signs that your partner really loves you is when they are willing to share your own favorite activities and do new things along with you. They take interest in your hobbies, watch the movies that you love and listen to your kind of music. All this means a great deal to them and it should to you too. It also means your partner is making an effort to know your personality and be more involved with you. That being said, don’t expect a man to take beauty classes with you but you’ll be surprised as he may not hesitate to help you put on your nail polish or do your hair.

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