13 Signs That Your Friendship Is Toxic and Harmful For You


A relationship becomes more valuable depending on how much time has passed. Sometimes you might have to stop contacting old friends, but it is a very difficult task. Over the years, a friendship can become weak and the outcome can be worthless for both. This article has collected some content for our female readers which will tell you the most popular signs of toxic friends. If you are able to identify some of these qualities with your close friends, you should then decide whether you should be in contact with such people or not.

1When you’re successful, she is not happy

If you start talking about your success to a toxic friend, and if she has the habit of changing the subject by talking about her failures and drawbacks and says stuff like “I have nothing and you have a boyfriend or I would never be able to win this competition but you have won it.” This indicates that she doesn’t care for the good outcomes in your life but she is happy when you have some problem.

This leads to you feeling guilty when you start sharing your success and your friend gives a negative reaction. She would reject help in matters like helping to get her a boyfriend or winning a competition. Rejection can only worsen such situations.

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2She acts jealous as if she were your boyfriend

If your friend isn’t happy when she knows you met someone before you met her. She can get angry and insist on inviting herself everywhere you go. You can experience the worst case scenario when all your social media activity is tracked by her and get angry when you hang-out with other friends.

What this leads to: you would have to act like a teacher and try to explain to your friend that she is wrong.  Psychologists have said that this idea is doomed and the relation would not last long and you may experience a lot of arguments and problems.

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3After talking to her, you feel exhausted

Sometimes after talking to a friend, we may tend to feel a sense of fatigue, tiredness and headache. The reason for this is psychosomatic according to Psychologist Susan Heitler. The reason for this is that all the systems in the body are connected and we start feeling physically bad due to emotional discomfort.

What this leads to:  if you feel bad after talking to your friend, try to recall if you have felt the same was before. Then it means it’s not worth it and you should break off contact for some time.

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4Sometimes you feel like you want to hide something from her

Previous negative experiences, unclear feelings and change in interests cannot make you open up to your friends about certain things even if you have shared everything with them in the past.

What this leads to:  When you stop sharing your problems, personal events, and feelings with your friends, there would obviously be nothing to talk to them about.

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