15 Signs That Let You Know That You Have A Rock-Solid Relationship


6You can leave your phone lying around

You will see very few people who are comfortable with their partners using their phones regularly. Our phones hold all our secrets and information. If you feel you are ready to let your partner casually browse around or use your phone then that is a sign of trust. However, this should be mutual or it is not right.

You can leave your phone lying around

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7They can see your social media

Social media can often be the source of jealousy in couples. We tend to show the best version of ourselves on Instagram and Facebook. Naturally, this will garner the attention of other people who find us attractive. Their comments and likes should not cause jealousy to partners or spouses. In many cases, spouses couldn’t handle the social media attention and broke up.

They can see your social media

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8You can be real

We spend a long time trying to present the best version of ourselves to our partners. We dress well, say good things and try to make a good impression. But after some time, we get more comfortable. We start talking about the deeper things that we don’t share with everyone. This is when trust begins.

You can be real

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9You can show your ugly side

If you trust your partner you can say all the negative things that you are thinking to them. You don’t just broadcast your positive emotions but also your negative ones. Your worst impulses, darkest jokes, negative emotions and hateful opinions will all be shared with your partner because you know they won’t judge you.


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10There is no judgment

The highest point of trust in a relationship is when neither of you judges the other for their thoughts or actions. No matter how bad it may seem to other people, you don’t judge your partner. If you feel something is bad then you can tell them and have a conversation with them about changing it.

There is no judgment

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