10 Important Questions You Should Ask On Your First Date And 5 You Should Avoid For Later


11Don’t ask about marriage

On the first date, no one wants to hear about marriage. This often scares some people off. This is why you should not ask this question on the first date or even somewhere later during your dating stage. This is something that needs to be kept only when things get serious. And by serious we mean after you’ve been dating for over a year.

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12Don’t ask about their money

Avoid questions like how do you spend your earnings? This may seem like a great conversation topic but it truly isn’t. No one would like to divulge information for their money spending habits on the first date. This may also seem like you’re a bit of a gold-digger only after them for their money.


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13Don’t ask if they’re seeing someone else

This is your first date and there are chances that they’re seeing someone else as nothing between the two of you is set in stone. Asking them this question will just lead to awkward silence. This is not an interaction you want to have on your first date. This is something that should be asked later on.


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14Don’t ask how long or why they’ve been single

Not everyone has the luck or charm to get into a relationship soon after they get out of one. Asking someone why they’ve been single is a bit of an insult that not everyone will take lightly. This is a very personal question that should be kept for when things get really personal between the two of y’all.


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15Do not ask about their ex

When you’re on your first date you’re meeting someone new who could help you start a new relationship. No one wants to drag past relationships into the picture. Do not ask about their ex unless you know they are comfortable with talking about it with you. It may seem like you want to know why their ex left to see if it was their fault.


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