10 Everyday Common Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship


Every one of us wishes to have a positive and harmonious relationship, but even if you feel that the relationship is going great, the reality of it may be something entirely different. There may be something wrong in your relationship even without you realizing it and it could perhaps be due to some of our habits which could be extremely annoying or which could potentially ruin a good relationship. Getting rid of these dangerous habits is the only way to save your relationship from falling apart. In order to do so, you must first learn to identify some of these relationship-breaking habits:

1Criticizing yourself all the time

It’s often the case that we criticize ourselves for our imperfections without even thinking that our imperfections can only be seen by us. These imperfections may seem trivial to your partner and might even go unnoticed by them.

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You provide fodder to be used against you

If you constantly point out your flaws to your partner, you may end up convincing them to believe that you aren’t good enough. This will provide them leverage against you that can be used in arguments which can go out of hand.

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2Always being judgmental

The flow of the relationship will soon change if one out of the two partners is always in an irritable mood. There are negative attributes as well as positive ones in almost everything that surrounds you, but having to listen to someone constantly whine about these things all the time can make you frustrated.

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3Trying to be a perfect spouse

If both you and your partner try to consistently prove to be perfect for each other, it could sooner or later make both of you tired of doing this. Remember that trying to always show your good side to your partner will only result in the build of resentment within you which could lead to unpredictable circumstances. If you are a self-sufficient person then you will have no qualms with expressing your negative emotions once in a while.

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