15 Emotional Difficulties that Daughters of Unloving Mothers Can Experience Later on in Life


11They could feel insecure

Daughters of a bipolar or unpredictable mother tend to grow insecure as they get love sometimes and disdain the other times leaving them confused. When they grow up, they tend to avoid all contact with their moms while some of them keep trying hard still with their constant feeling of anxiousness and insecurity.

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12They might never believe they can succeed

If a girl is cursed with a mother who would scoff at their pursuits to achieve something, or their efforts to better themselves, daughters start feeling they are actually good for nothing and they would never be successful or achieve their dream ever. Or worse still they stop dreaming completely about their future.


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13They blame themselves for being treated badly by others

Since these daughters had toxic mothers who would constantly tell them how big a disappointment they have always been, they stop fighting for self-esteem and they start blaming themselves when others treat them badly instead of fighting back.


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14They’re unable to let go of toxic relationships

These girls become so emotionally weak and dependant that they would latch upon anyone no matter how parasitic they are. They will never be able to break away from toxic relationship, or friendship as they could never escape their mothers, they think they can fix the relationship but end up getting hurt constantly.


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15They believe that love is a transaction

Instead of unconditional love these daughters learn from very small ages that love is conditional and has to be earned and any small mistake could mean that love can be snatched away. That’s why they would appeal and bargain for love.


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