15 Emotional Difficulties that Daughters of Unloving Mothers Can Experience Later on in Life


6They could have difficulties with boundaries

Girls with psycho mothers have difficulty in forging true bonds with others especially with other girls or females. They feel the same apprehension of being rejected and they become subservient to the superior girls in school or work and become a doormat. Instead of having a healthy friendship of equality they end up being used up and exploited instead.

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7They could feel dominated by a fear of failure

Being negatively, judged all through their childhood by their mothers and later on with their peers these girls have such low confidence about their abilities that the fear of failure almost debilitates them. Since they have never got any encouragement by their moms, they are scared to try anything new and fear the rejections they are so used to experiencing from their mom and end up being the underachievers thus fulfilling the prophesies of their moms.


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8They could have difficulties seeing themselves for who they really are

These poor girls have nasty mothers who always tell them how small, and insignificant they are from childhood that it ingrains in them to see themselves as a nobody. They actually start thinking of futility of trying or studying hard as they have been filled with the idea of them not achieving anything in life anyways. They have distorted vision of their physical appearance and think themselves ugly and flawed as well.


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9They could be overly-sensitive

These daughters can be very emotionally fragile and over sensitive. In the outside world they cannot cope with smallest of remark or comment made about them and they would over analyse it for a long time even if it was harmless and of no consequence.


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10They could have trouble choosing friends and partners who are not toxic

Daughters of abusive mothers have distorted idea of a relationship or friendship and often make bonds with equally toxic people who are manipulative and a bad influence as this is all they have known all their lives. So, they end up being with partners who are toxic but they are eager to please them and take their abuse in stride as they had done for their mothers.


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