15 Emotional Difficulties that Daughters of Unloving Mothers Can Experience Later on in Life


In this almost dystopian world that we live in today the sacred relationship of parents and children especially mother and daughters are also getting tainted due to social, economic and other reasons. There are many unfortunate daughters who have to live with unloving mothers and they grow up scarred in life. What many people don’t know is that it is parents that induce an automatic sense of security lifelong in children and the way they behave and bring up kids is what influences the security. Being indifferent to your kid’s means they grow up with a sense of insecurity and low self-esteem. Here are the ways these undeserving mothers destroy their daughters in every way:

1 They could lack the ability to trust

If a daughter cannot trust her own mother, she would not be able to trust anyone in future completely. Such women may have got scolded and brutally compared with others by their moms and belittled in front of others. This makes them feel betrayed by the one person who should have been their strongest support.

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2They could lack self-confidence

Growing up with harshly critical mothers and being ignored emotionally by them leave their daughters with minuscule self-confidence because they believe the condescending words of their mothers and take it to their hearts. Their talents and accomplishments mean nothing to them and whatever they achieve it doesn’t matter much.

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3They could feel that they don’t deserve love

If biological mothers find it hard to love their daughters, they truly start believing they do not really deserve love or appreciation and are greatly flawed personalities, which is completely wrong. They question their own worth in the world in general.

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4They could be unable to say “no.”

Daughters of abusive or unloving mothers do anything to get their approval or appreciations, which means they never say “no” to their mom’s outrageous demands and bend over backwards to please them. Even if they hate to do those things, they suffer through it to be in good graces with their evil mothers.

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5They could feel like they don’t belong anywhere

Manipulative and abusive mothers leave their daughters feeling unwanted and they feel they do not belong to anyone or anywhere. They feel suffocated in their homes which should be their happy place, saving them from the world outside but it’s opposite to them. They feel safer and liberated outside which is a shame.

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