12 Reasons Why a Strong Woman Often Feels Broken Inside


A strong woman attracts people with her confidence and on the surface she may project an appearance of having everything. This is because strong women don’t usually show their problems or their emotions that much to the extent of needing ten people comforting her. She may show she has a beautiful family, she is in good health and has a great job but behind that hard exterior lurks a human being with genuine problems which may be hurting her too. This is why many strong women feel as if they are broken inside and that is what impacts their health. Here are the reasons why strong women keep fighting to be happy.

1She only relies on herself

Strong women prefer being independent and not depending on others. They rarely turn to people’s help and are always confident enough to rely in themselves. Studies have shown that it is this part of an independent woman’s identity that makes her proud of herself. This is the problem she faces because she doesn’t realize that everyone needs help at one point of tie, or the other, even people like her.

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2She may see asking for help as a sign of weakness

This is highly possible when strong women deny help seeing it as a sign of weakness and also because she may not want to bother people. Humans do need help every now and then for support and well being. It is healthy to ask for help whenever needed because it can provide solutions to obstacles that you may not see, it is also generous since you enable the person offering help to ask for your help in return.

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3Everyone trusts her with their problems,

A strong woman will always be carrying the weight of everyone on her shoulders. It is not unusual for her friends and family to keep asking for her help and depending on her for every little thing because they know they can trust her. Research has also shown that most strong people have a big sense of responsibility and others view this as a sign of integrity and wisdom.

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4She doesn’t share her family problems with everyone

A strong woman will never share her family problems and struggles with anyone and will also never start gossiping about them to others. If it is a direct problem that affects her directly, she will face it head-on and try her best to solve it. This is why she seems to be carrying all the suffering thrown at her, be it issues concerning money, illness or emotional problems.

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