Understand Yourself Better With These Psychology Facts You Never Knew


The human brain is an incredible organ. Its extent is still not known completely and we discover new things about the human mind every day. The human mind is responsible for how we behave and act. Some people don’t know what they are capable of even though their brains give them clear signs.

Recognizing these signs is what we need to do in order to understand ourselves and our minds completely. Here’s an example: are you forgetful? If you say yes, then did you know that forgetfulness is a sign of higher intelligence? Yes, these are the signs we need to learn about.

1People between ages 18 to 33 are the most stressed out

Several researchers have come to the same conclusion – people between the ages of 18 and 33 are the most stressed out. This should come as no surprise because this is the time when people have to work hard and build a career and future. Post the age of 33, people start to relax a little. Also, it has been found that women suffer from stress more than men.

People between ages 18 to 33 are the most stressed out

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2Stability reduces our ability to learn

We often complain that our life is unstable and rocky. But did you know that you are only capable of learning new things when your life is unstable? If you are in your comfort zone your brain’s learning centers shut down. Being in a tough situation teaches you new things and you can improve yourself.

Stability reduces our ability to learn

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3Being forgetful equals higher intelligence

If anyone has ever scolded you or made fun of you for being forgetful, it might please you to know that scientists have found that being forgetful is a sign of higher intelligence. Just as remembering things can be helpful, so can forgetting things. By forgetting things, we clear up space for new and relevant information.

Being forgetful equals higher intelligence

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4We can only remember three to five things at a time

No matter how smart you think you are, you can only remember three to five things at a time. This is even scientifically proven. Several studies have been conducted and the conclusion that has been reached is that a person can remember only three to five things at a time.  Therefore the next time you forget something from your long list of things, don’t feel bad, because it’s normal.

We can only remember three to five things at a time

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5More choices equal harder decision-making

Everyone has experienced this and never more so than while shopping. The more options and choices we come across, the harder it is for us to decide what to buy. This is called the “Paradox of Choice.” According to experts, the more choices we are presented with, the more we start to notice negative aspects. This reaches a point where freedom of choice becomes burdensome stressful.


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