10 True Signs to Show A Man Doesn’t Love You Anymore


In today’s world women are independent and self-sustaining. In several cultures worldwide, women do not depend on men for their upkeep often being the breadwinner of the family themselves. But while women do not need material needs, they definitely need love and caring. The problem is women try to look for love in the wrong places and also may hang onto a man who has stopped loving them. There are times a woman may get this idea through subtle hints and displays of indifference. Here are 10 such signs to show that a man’s feelings of love and care have changed.

1 Criticism of appearance

A man who loves you will always regard you as beautiful even when your hair is dishevelled or you may look grumpy or irritable or when you wake up in the morning like a banshee. Regardless of your look, all he sees is the real you because he is in love even if you were a sack of a nightgown. He may not notice even you if you put on some extra weight on your tummy too.

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Undue criticism is a sign that a person doesn’t care anymore

But, if your man starts to tell you to join a gym or that you aren’t looking good. If he starts to drop crude hints that you could do with some cosmetic procedures to improve your looks, don’t even think of indulging the cad. Such a man needs justification for wanting to opt-out and will find fault with everything about you because you don’t appeal to him anymore.

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2Discussing your shortcomings with friends

It is a natural habit with women to discuss matters and problems of their relationships with their friends but men, on the other hand, prefer keeping all aspects of their relationship to themselves and will not also discuss it with their male pals. People who love one another focus more on the positive aspects of their partner rather than the negative flaws.

If your partner humiliates you in public and even laughs about it, then you should not expect anything from this type of relationship. It means that this type of partner simply does not respect you. As such, you can never hope to expect a long term relationship with such a person. Criticizing you publicly is another way of trying to justify to others that it is your fault the relationship isn’t working.


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3His attitude toward your habits

In any relation be it a good or strong one, a woman will usually nag a man over his untidy habits such as throwing his socks all over the house or not putting the toilet seat up. Women too have strange habits like occupying the bathroom for hours or chatting with their best friends for long periods of time or even stuffing the wardrobe with useless stuff. Women love to pick food from their partner’s plate or sing a song over and over again. A man who loves a woman will bear up all of these habits and even find them amusing and cute but if they end up criticizing you and constantly finding fault over such habits with negative comments about how you behave, then it definitely means you don’t mean thing to him anymore and finds you irritating instead.


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