8 Psychological Tricks That Will Make People Like You Instantly


It takes our brain less than 1 second to decide whether we believe someone or not. But the truth is trusting people is not that simple because if our decision to trust them were always right then there would never be any incidents of cheating, divorce, or destroyed friendships. This is why when people meet new people they are always suspicious of them at first and don’t tend to trust them easily. However, if you want someone to like you quickly, then there are some ways to win their trust and make them comfortable with you.

1Show that you like them

Ever heard of the “reciprocity of liking” phenomenon? It is the tendency for people to like people who like them. When you feel warmth and support from your partner you feel assured of the fact that you’re likeable.

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It’s all about being positive

If you are trying to catch someone’s attention keep a positive attitude towards them and they will reciprocate your feelings in the same way. It’s all about being positivity and projecting an attitude that shows you as an approachable person.

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2Spill your coffee

While it may seem weird to show off your clumsy side, studies suggest that openly displaying your vulnerability can actually increase your trustworthiness and attractiveness. However, there are 2 key points to remember in this instance. First, you need to be sure that the person who witnesses these clumsy moments of yours is aware of your credibility and high performance. Second, never make yourself completely vulnerable such that your reputation has to be brought into question. While psychiatrists can spill coffee and remark that they have never been very good with their hands, to build trust, the same cannot be done by surgeons.

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