9 Deep Psychological Questions to Help You Read Anyone Like a Book


Deep discussions are intense and profound conversations that you could be having with friends or even a close colleague or partner. Such conversations are gradually becoming popular and are like one on one philosophical discussion between friends or even family. Deep discussions are a new type of conversation and communication that brings people closer to know each other in a better way simply by knowing and understanding how a person’s mind thinks. When two people can relate to each other where the thought process is concerned, then a strong bond is created.

1Advantages of deep discussions

One of the advantages of deep discussions is that they allow you to read anyone like a book by knowing their innermost thoughts and opinions. If you truly want to be able to do that, then here are some deep questions to ask someone. These questions require the person you are asking to give detailed in-depth answers and their justifications and explanations for them. Basically what you are trying to achieve is to know how a person thinks and their true personality as revealed by such deep and in-depth thoughts.

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2There is no right answer, just different perspectives revealing different natures and personalities

One thing to remember is that there is no proper answer to such questions. It is all an exercise to know more how a person’s mind works. Thus there could be several different perspectives to the questions. Thus there will never be correct answers. Moreover, just a yes or a no will not apply in such a case and only detailed answers will work.

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3You may get disappointed in the answers

These questions should never be asked to anyone you may not want to be disappointed with. This is because deep down people have their own take on things but not always will this be revealed to you for the sake of the relationship. Such deep answers may also provide you a fair idea of people’s views against fatalism and life. You could figure out the extent of their own self-esteem, confidence and most of all their true personality.

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1The first question

If you are able to see a measuring scale above a person’s head, what is it that you would want measured? Would it be their social status (status in society?), how much money and property they have?  How happy they may be or their level of compassion?

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5What the answer can signify

The answer to this sort of question reveals what a person values most. It could differentiate between those who place more emphasis on material wealth rather than emotional wealth. Whether they love a life of luxury and wealth or they prefer being happy with the basics of life and value family and love above than anything else. Some people may also value human relationships and are compassionate in nature which will thus be revealed by their answer.

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