10 Psychological Facts That Reveal Astonishing Things About Your Brain and You


The human brain has always and will always be an enigma and a mystery to man because regardless of all the new scientific data and research about the brain, it never fails to surprise scientists with something new. Our brains are capable of several things and the opinion of the experts is that we still utilize only part of our brains. Irrespective of what the human brain can or cannot do, one thing is sure that it is unique and astonishing in its workings many which are ingrained in our human psyche. Here are 10 extraordinary psychological facts about the human brain that everyone would definitely like to know.

1We’re constantly changing our memories

Our memories are perceived, stored or recollected by us small video clips. It isn’t possible to remember the complete sequence of events over days, thus parts and glimpses of it are stored in our memory and kept safe. However, the recollection or memories of past events change whenever they pass by our mind’s eye.

Such alterations are influenced by memory blackouts and events that have usually taken place recently. You may not remember all the family members who attended a family get together some years ago but since an uncle might not have been missing an event; your mind will always include him in such memories in spite of him being possibly absent on that day.


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2 We can only keep a limited number of friends

The Dunbar number as invented by psychologists and sociologists is the maximum number of people with whom you can be close friends. Thus even if you may have 500 friends on your Facebook account, you will end up having a meaningful association with only about 50 -200 of them. Perhaps this is why Face book’s social algorithm is also created similarly to show us feeds of those whom we socialize with the most.


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3We feel happier when we’re busy

If you head to the baggage collection in the airport in ten minutes to pick up your luggage, you do so and are quite relieved you have got your luggage. Now in another scenario, if you reach the same section in 2 minutes but end up waiting 8 minutes, you may feel agitated and irritated even though it took you the same time as the first scenario. This is because our brains do not like remaining idle. Being busy makes us happy because when we complete tasks, we are rewarded with happy hormones like dopamine.


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