13 Points That Explain Why Strongest Women Are Mostly Broken Inside


Women may be considered physically weak but emotionally they are said to be stronger than men. There are many women in the world who have shown that women are no less than men in any context. These women are full of confidence and they are an inspiration for many around them. They are successful in whatever they do in life, whether it is job or business, they have a great family and always carry a smile on their faces.

However, being strong can affect these women in a negative manner as well and sometimes it is detrimental to their health also. Here are some reasons why strong women find it difficult to live happy everyday:

1 Everyone trusts her

She is trusted by everyone because of which everyone shares their problems with her and as she is quite intelligent, they also want her to provide them with a solution or help them in some manner at least. Moreover, a person can be sure that a strong woman will never share her problems with anyone and will keep it as a secret.


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2She carries the burden

She carries the burden of everyone’s expectations on her shoulders and what is the matter of concern is that she is not able to talk about her problem with anyone else. She can’t share her problems with anyone because people believe that she is strong enough to deal with problems on her own.


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3She feels lonely

As she is not able to talk about her life, problems and other things with anyone else, she may get frustrated and feel lonely despite having a good number of people around her. This will ultimately harm her health, both mental and physical and she may also go in depression.


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4She depends on herself only

There is no doubt that a strong woman is self-reliant and she doesn’t need anyone else for solving her problems but there are times when every person needs support of other people. However, a strong woman doesn’t seek support from other people as she considers it as a trait of weakness.


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