12 Reasons Why French Kids Don’t Throw Tantrums


5French grandparents do not babysit their grandchildren

While all grandparents are always involved in the lives of their grandchildren French grandparents only play a supporting role in raining their grandchildren. On weekends or holidays, there will always be a family gathering. But, the elderly people will mostly be seen drinking a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in a restaurant rather than constantly taking care of their grandchildren.

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6Children are served the same food as adults

Lunch breaks in France can last for around 2 hours since food is an extremely essential part of French life. It is the opinion of French people that it’s very important to gather at least once a day for a meal.


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7There is no such thing as kid’s food

Although, children are made to eat the same food as adults since in France, there isn’t anything such as “kid’s food”. Parents insist on tasting the food before the child decides whether they like it or not even though they generally do not force their children to eat what they do not like.


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8French kids develop good manners from a young age

French kids are aware that good manners go a long way. This is why they are always polite in greeting their guests, and neighbors. They even give up their seat in the bus to an elderly person and also stay calm in lines. They earn the 4 most important polite phrases- “good day”, “thank you”, “you are welcome”, and “goodbye” from a very young age.


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