10 Ways to Deal When Your Child Acts like a “Monster”


A child absorbs the emotions associated with the way the parents act or behave with the child. If some children are turning into rude and arrogant monsters, there is something really wrong with the upbringing by parents. But there is a way to correct our ways to handle our kids when they are at their worst behaviour and change them completely. In the process, the parents might change too. By following certain techniques, you can forge a strong between your kid and you; all it takes is some patience and time.

1 Show the child the connection between their behaviour and its consequences

Children need to understand the consequences of their words and actions. It would make them more mature, independent and smart. They would be in a better position to make correct decisions by themselves.

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Be supported but firm without scope for manipulation

Parents should loosen up the grip on their child’s actions and let them do their own stuff and make mistakes which they would be responsible for mending. Of course, this doesn’t mean letting the kid walk on a dangerous track but micromanaging their affairs makes you a bad parent. Just be their supportive friend with principles that cannot be manipulated by them. So, if your kid refuses to eat lunch let them remain hungry till dinner. If the kid acts rude, no one should play or talk to them till they apologise.

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2Let your children learn from their mistakes

Again, it’s important to make sure the kid fixes his own mess so that he realises he himself is responsible for his actions. In fact, some kids get rebellious and defensive when they are constantly nagged or demeaned or compared with other kids.

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Let them reap the consequences for mistakes

Let the kids make mistakes and reap the after-effects without any damage control from parents until they seriously need it or sincerely ask for it. They should understand that the only way of getting help is to be polite and apologetic about their mistakes.

The deadline for assignment submission is tomorrow but your kid is wasting time instead so just warn them from your end and that’s it. If they don’t do their work then they would be responsible for the bad grades they gets in school and would have no else to blame for it.


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