15 Signs That Let You Know That Your Child Is Gifted


11Your child can easily focus

Focusing as a child is something that children are incapable of doing. They have a very short attention span but not gifted children. Gifted children can be given any task and they will focus on it with easy and complete it rather quickly.

Your child can easily focus

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12Your child has original ideas

Problem-solving is one of the known characteristics of a gifted child. They know how to be spontaneous and come up with original ideas when the time calls for it. This is something that differentiates them from the rest of the kids their age. They can either come up with an answer or provide a useful suggestion.

Your child has original ideas

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13Your child does not need much guidance

Most parents have to take it slow while teaching their children how to do things properly. But you will know you have a gifted child when they learn things very fast and on their own. You will not have to explain to them how to do things multiple times. Just a few times and they will know how to do it themselves.

Your child does not need much guidance

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14You child will want some ‘Me’ time

Most children love being around other children or people. Gifted children will also do the same but they will want some time alone. This time will be spent thinking on their own thoughts or expanding their creativity via drawing or writing. They could also spend this time just reading.

You child will want some ‘Me’ time

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15Your child will be an underachiever

This might seem strange to you. How can a gifted child be an underachiever? But the fact of the matter is that they will devote their time to things they care about rather than things you think are important to them. They want to excel at things they think are important which is why they won’t be getting straight ‘A’s in every test.

Your child will be an underachiever

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