15 Signs That Let You Know That Your Child Is Gifted


6Your child does not waste energy

A gifted child does not waste his/her energy. They know what they want to do the entire day and do just that. They know how to conserve energy and not let it go to waste. They would rather spend their energy on doing things that benefit them rather than just sitting around.

Your child does not waste energy

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7Your child loves the outdoors

Gifted children love to spend time outdoors. They love nature and all the sounds, sights, and smells it has to offer. They love observing and looking at new things in their backyard or lawn. They are intrigued by insects, plants, and other elements of nature. They might even start collecting different types of rocks.

Your child loves the outdoors

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8Your child loves to learn

Children normally hate learning but a gifted child is just the opposite. They love to learn. They love reading, they love understanding new things. Your child has an endless well of curiosity. They cannot quench their thirst easily so they love to learn as much as they can.

Your child loves to learn

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9Your child can see patterns

Seeing patterns or solving puzzles has always been seen as a sign of high intellect and this is the same for children. Children who notice patterns easily or solve jigsaw puzzles easily are often regarded as gifted as their brains function at a higher level than other children their age.

Your child can see patterns

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10Your child has a hidden talent

Your child will have a hidden talent that they are exceptionally good at. This could be anything from singing, dancing, drawing, painting, cooking, etc. They will have a passion that they will want to be good at and will try every day to achieve their goal. This is a good sign that you have a gifted child. They will also be able to learn that passion very fast and excel at it.

Your child has a hidden talent

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