15 Signs That Let You Know That Your Child Is Gifted


Did you know that when Thomas Edison was a child his teacher sent his mother a note saying that he was dumb. But, we all know his contributions to the world. Gifted children are not like normal children. They behave differently. Some may not even know that their child is gifted because of how they act. We think we will notice a gifted child when we see one but the signs are a little hard to understand. These are the 15 signs you need to look for that tell you if your child is gifted or not.

1Your child will talk like a professor

The first tell that a child is gifted is their ability to learn things faster than others. Whatever they read they can understand it better and faster than their peers. They also have a very different vocabulary and a way of speaking than other children of their age. You will also notice that they will use complex sentences.

Your child will talk like a professor

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2Your child loves reading

Children who are gifted love reading. Their curiosity levels are higher than other children their age. To satisfy their level of curiosity they turn to books. They will read any kind of book that is given to them be it a storybook, a guide book, or even an Encyclopedia book.

Your child loves reading

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3Your child likes the company of adults

Another sign that your child is gifted is that they prefer the company of older people more than the company of children their own age. This is mostly because they prefer to have engaging conversations that only adults can provide. If they cannot find any adults then they will lean towards older children.

Your child likes the company of adults

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4Your child is mature

A good sign that your child is gifted is that they are too mature for their age. Their intelligence, as well as their emotional stability, is much higher than other children of their age. They can understand things better and they behave a lot better than other children.

Your child is mature

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5Your child is a leader

If you want more proof that a child is gifted see how they behave with other children. Do they follow and do what the other children are doing? Or do they take the opportunity to lead the other children? Gifted children are natural-born leaders who never miss a chance to prove it.

Your child is a leader

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