“I Should Love My Wife The Same Way I Want My Daughter To Be Loved.” What Every Father of a Girl Needs To Remember


9A father should teach his daughter how to do different things

It is a father who should be teaching a daughter about the world and the amazing things in it. Children learn fast and a father should take time out from his busy schedule to dedicate time to his daughter to give her all the answers she needs and satisfy her wonder and curiosity. The father-daughter time is the best time to teach a girl how to do things like change a flat tire or fix a broken sink as such knowledge may come useful to her one day. It’s not necessary to restrict her to girly things only.

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10For a daughter, a father is the perfect man

A father is the perfect man for every daughter. It is his behaviour, attitude, nature, decision-making ability and how he treats people that will become the gold standard of how she defines, perceives and compares men later on. In every daughter’s life, it is the father who is the perfect role model who determines her search for a future husband. This is why fathers need to act and conduct themselves accordingly to help their daughter secure a happy relationship later on in life.


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11A father should be ready to let his daughter go

Given all that has been discussed, a father should never be too possessive about his daughter. He needs to understand that there will come a time when he has to let her go. Invariably all fathers will want to protect their daughter form the world including their boyfriends and he will always scrutinize every boy or man who comes along to check if they are good enough for their daughter. This is all well and good but fathers should remember that a girl will need to start her own family someday.


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12The proud moment when a father sees how independent and strong his daughter has become

A girl may make mistakes along the way especially the ones that her dad has always wanted to protect her from and a father may feel saddened to see such things. But as his strength will have given her the courage to pick herself up and move on, it will make her father proud knowing that it is his emotional strength within her that has made her a self-sufficient and strong woman.


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