“I Should Love My Wife The Same Way I Want My Daughter To Be Loved.” What Every Father of a Girl Needs To Remember


Mothers may be important, but a father figure in a girl’s life is extremely significant where the absence of one leads various emotional issues later on in life. A father figure is powerful enough to impact a girl’s path even in adult life where research shows that loving fathers give children a higher chance of emotional security that stays later in life as well. A girl child also grows emotionally, socially and securely to become a self-confident adult because a father also is instrumental in shaping the girls future in many ways. This is why father should take care and put in extra special effort in raising a girl child. Here is how and why the bond between the daughter and father is so important.

1A father sets an example of how his daughter should be treated by men

When raising a girl, the husband-wife relationship becomes very important in setting an example where both adults become role models for the child. The nature of the relationship also teaches the girl what to expect from a man. A father should love and respect his wife as much as he would expect his daughter’s husband will love her one day. He should not feel awkward or afraid to display care and affection to his wife in front of the daughter that will show her that she too should expect the same in a man and should never settle for anything less. This is because she as a woman will be deserving of it.

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2A father should give all the love he can to his daughter

Every woman regardless of how old she is invariably is daddy’s little girl for life. A father should always show as much love for his daughter to let her know how she means the world to him. That type of love is necessary for a daughter because it increases her own self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional security. She needs to be made to feel how precious she is and that she is worth the love being showered on her.

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3A father’s love increases security and confidence

By getting the love that she deserves from a father, a girl grows up without any form of self-doubt because a father’s love is very strong and gives a girl the emotional strength to take on all challenges in life and overcome obstacles ion her way. A father is irreplaceable and that is why a man should make the most of the special role that makes him a daddy.

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4A girl needs to be told how beautiful she is both inside and outside

It is common for girls to doubt themselves throughout their lives. There is also of peer pressure, social media pressure, and trends of beauty standards and fashion to keep up with that together create stress for any woman. The stress is also from constantly comparing themselves to others. This increase the risk of gaining low self-esteem and to some extent depression.

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