12 Child Care Mistakes All Parents Make At Least Once In Their Lives


9Spending a lot of money on them

Babies initially grow up very fast and they outgrow their dresses really quickly. Also, babies don’t understand why keeping clean is important which is why they don’t mind being messy and won’t think twice before throwing up on any new expensive clothing which you made them wear.

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10Spanking them

When you need to discipline your kid, remember that raising your voice or getting mad at them won’t solve anything. In fact, if you do it then you will only cause more problems. The more you yell at your child, it becomes very less likely that they are going to listen to you, according to a psychologist.


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11Using threats against your children

Disciplining your kids with fear and threats won’t get you the result you want. What you should do instead of commanding them to do things and sounding authoritative, is to try sitting them down and calmly talking to them in a friendly manner.


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12Passing on phobias

Many parents make this mistake of passing on their own phobias to their kids. One psychologist Dr. Alicia Hodge from Washington says “Parents will inadvertently create fears or anxiety in their children by giving extreme caution or demands to avoid certain animals or places since children look to their parents to model emotions and information about safety, extreme reactions may garner a sense of fear about specific objects or the world in general.”


Parents who are brought up with such phobias induced by their own parent’s superstitions make the same mistake with their own children not realizing that such fears can live with a child even till adult life.

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