12 Child Care Mistakes All Parents Make At Least Once In Their Lives


Every parent tries their best to give their children the world and make them happy, but it’s not that they never make mistakes in raising their child. However, some mistakes can seriously affect their child’s whole life. There happens to be a common set of parenting errors that young couples often make when raising their child. Here are 10 such mistakes that parents tend to make and which needs to be avoided at all costs:

1 Checking the child’s temperature with their hand

A baby’s normal body temperature can range from 97° to 100.3°F, which makes its body temperature generally warmer and anything above that can be considered to be a fever. It is impossible to detect any slight changes by hand. It would be best to use a thermometer like a rectal thermometer for babies under 3 months as it will give you the most accurate reading and even helps keep your baby’s body safe and healthy.

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2Stocking up on diapers

Stockpiling diapers when you’ve got yourselves a little poo machine at home might seem like a brilliant plan. However, it is just a waste of money since babies grow rather fast- about ½ to 1 inch each month while gaining about 140 to 200 grams a week. So, your baby might outgrow all the diapers before you even know it, in which case you will have to get new ones.

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3Taking away their pacifiers too early

Parents sometimes take their pacifiers away from their babies too early because they fear that their child might develop dental problems or perhaps ear infections. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the right time to separate babies from their pacifiers would be around 6 months and not before that.

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4Letting your child get away with things

It is advisable to try disciplining your children from an early age by instilling the value of being accountable for their misdeeds in them. If you let your child get away with things then they will grow up believing that even if they do something wrong you will always be there to help them out.

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