Woman Suffering From A Sore Throat Finds Out She Has Live Worms In Her Tonsils


6How does this occur?

This is normally the result of the larvae developing in poorly kept meat which is then consumed without cooking. The worm can trigger nasty infections in patients’ stomachs, usually, after diners consume third-stage larvae in raw or undercooked marine fish. The patient in this story was rather lucky who got away without much serious damage taking place.

Developing larva

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7How can it be avoided?

The best way one can avoid anything similar to this happening is to not indulge in raw foods especially meats. Eating raw meets is a tradition in some cultures but you have to take precautions while doing so. Raw meat is a breeding ground for larvae and other bacteria. Consuming it without precaution can lead to many diseases.

Eating Raw meat

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8Not the first case

This was not the first case of worms bring found inside a person. There have been multiple cases where people found live worms inside them. Another case that took place in 2019 was of a 68-year-old patient from Nebraska. She was having a normal life until her eye starting acting up.

microscopic view of tapeworm

Image Source: webmd.com

9What happened?

The incident began back in February 2019 when the patient used to take long runs in the pleasant climate. But, one day something unexpected happened. She rounded a corner on a steep trail and she ran directly into a swarm of small flies. They went in her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Swarm of small flies

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10This was the beginning

A few months after this incident she began feeling irritated in her right eye. Thinking it was normal she didn’t take much notice of it until it got worse. One day while washing her eye with tap water, she flushed out a transparent, motile roundworm measuring about half an inch in length.

Right eye

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