Woman Suffering From A Sore Throat Finds Out She Has Live Worms In Her Tonsils


What would be more nightmare-inducing than going to the hospital for a throat checkup after experience some sore throat symptoms but, after the checkup is done you’re told that there is a live worm in your tonsils? The following story is not for the faint of heart as it can easily make your skin crawl. It shows you why you need to be careful about what you eat and how you maintain yourself. There are many parasites around us and the human body can easily make a good home for anyone of them.

1A nightmare

This story is pure nightmare fuel and something most of us didn’t think could actually happen. This took place in Japan where a woman went to the hospital claiming to have a sore throat. But when the doctors actually inspected her throat to see what was the real problem they could not believe their eyes. The woman had a 4cm-long roundworm alive and moving around in her left tonsil.

Woman with soar throat

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2The whole story

This took place in Tokyo, Japan, where a 25-year-old woman whose identity has been left out went to the St Luke’s International hospital for a throat checkup. She told the doctors that she was experiencing throat pain and irritation. Naturally, the doctors began to inspect the problem when they found something strange.

The whole story

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3What did they find?

They found a 1.5 inch long and 1 mm wide worm in her left tonsil. And the worm was still alive. This was something the doctors were not expecting and it took them by surprise. It was identified as a nematode roundworm using DNA testing. The reason as to how she got infected with this worm was also soon discovered.

Worm found inside woman throat

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4She ate raw meat

The reason why this worm was found in her tonsil is that these parasitic worms can infect people who eat raw meat. She began feeling her throat pain after eating assorted sashimi which is a Japanese delicacy of fresh raw fish or meat sliced into thin pieces. When not done well this can easily lead to a nematode roundworm infection.

Raw meat on plate

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5The doctor’s had a theory

The doctors said that the worm was a fourth-stage larva, which meant that the patient had probably consumed it as a third-stage larva in her sashimi dish. It had been nestling in her left tonsil, still moving, and in the midst of molting its outer cuticle when doctors discovered it. After the worm was removed the patient began recovering very fast.

Sashimi dish

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