Woman Dumped by Fiancée for Being “Too Fat” Loses A 100 Pounds and Wins Miss Great Britain 2020


5She was already obese

Jen had a body mass index that was touching 40 (a BMI of 30 plus is considered obesity). She says it wasn’t trauma that made her eat so much, instead, she says ‘I was brought up in a family that loves food and we were expected to eat everything on our plates.’ She also admits that when she decided five years ago after failing several diets that she had made up her mind to be slim and fit, there was none who she knew started out as a size 22 and then achieved what she wanted to. This is why it wasn’t exactly about winning a beauty contest and that was far from it.

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6Jen decided enough was enough: She started gymming 5 times a week

Jen, unfortunately, was dumped by her fiancé for being fat and to add to the insult she couldn’t even get into her favorite dress anymore. She decided enough was enough and decided to do something about her life. She decided to go to the gym 5 times a week.


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Jen says there was a vast difference between her lifestyle a few years ago and today. It was like night and day. She now eats healthier but doesn’t follow any diet, instead she is mindful about what she eats and enjoys also outside but doesn’t gorge or binge-like before. She gyms 5 times a week and loves it. Exercise has become a staple part of her life she says and it has helped her immensely.


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7She’s living proof that perseverance, willpower, and discipline lead to success

Jen is living proof that perseverance and hard work pays off. Her weight loss journey took 2 years where she went from 240 pounds to just 125 pounds which is an amazing weight loss. Jen says in the absence of any external motivation it was all about one step at a time. She says “My biggest advice would be to take every day as it comes. Imagine where you could be in 3 months’ time and just keep chipping away! Consistency is key and it’s a lifestyle change!”


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8All of her hard work paid off

If there was one big factor that motivated Jen, it was dumped by her fiancé now of course her ex-fiancé because of her obesity. It was a personal crisis for her but it also gave her the opportunity to become stronger and do something for herself. That was the start to an incredible journey straight to the crown of Miss Great Britain 2020.


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So sudden was her coronation that her family and present husband Chris weren’t even there because no one expected her to win.


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