Woman Amazes Doctors By Waking Up after a 27 Year Coma


A coma is a scary thing for every family watching that ne lifeless member lying in a vegetative state and unresponsive. For the person lying in coma, many have given their own descriptions of it. Some recall it as a dream, some say they remember voices. Whatever it may be, to be in a coma is scary but what happens when you are in a coma for 27 years. Yes, there are people who have been in comas for such long periods like one particular woman who woke up from a coma after 27 years.

1She woke up from coma after 27 years

One woman from United Arab Emirates called Munira Abdulla was actually in coma for 27 years. Her son who had lost all hope of her recovery was overjoyed at his mother waking up after 27 years and who wouldn’t be because it was like a miracle.

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2She had a terrible accident

Munira who is from the UAE was only 32 when she met with a disastrous accident. She was driving at the time and returning home when her car collided with a school bus. With her was son Omar Weiber who was just four years old at the time.

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3Her little son survived

Munira Abdulla, from the United Arab Emirates, was just 32 years old when a school bus collided with the car she had been travelling home in with her then four-year-old son, Omar Weiber. Omar miraculously survived the accident and was only bruised on the head because his mother had clutched on to him and shielded him from the impact.

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4She then went into a deep coma

Little Omar escaped the horrific crash with just a bruise to the head, with his mother hugging him protectively just before the impact. But tragically for Munira, she was injured badly and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Munira was totally comatose and doctors felt she wouldn’t make it and may not regain consciousness.

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