Wildlife Officers Took Life Of A Young Bear Just Because It Was Getting Friendly With People


There is no denying the fact that humans should maintain distance from the wild animals as they can be life-threatening but it is also true that not every wild animal is harmful for humans. We, humans should accept the fact that the lives of these wild animals is as valuable as our lives and we don’t have any right to take their lives until and unless they become a threat for ourselves.

However, an incident has happened in Oregon which has made many people especially animal lovers very angry and sent them in a shocking state.

1 The incident

The authorities took life of a young bear after it become too friendly with the humans and people even started taking selfies with him. Many social media posts were published by people in which they were seen posing and taking selfie with the bear.


Image Source: www.telegraaf.nl

2When it started?

On June 4, people started calling the office of Washington County Sheriff and the Oregon Department of Fish for informing about the bear seen at the Scoggins Valley Park which is close to Henry Hagg Lake. The bear was 2 or 3 yrs old and it must have weighed around 100-pound.


Image Source: pmgnews.com

3Why did bear came there?

The young bear came there because people were leaving their food leftovers over there for the bear and he was consuming it. It’s quite obvious that whether it’s animal or human, he will visit that place where he gets food easily as it is a basic requirement for living.


Image Source: twimg.com

4A tweet by the authorities

When the authorities got two calls on Tuesday about the bear, they posted a tweet asking people to stay away from the bear. The officers were trying to make this bear cub go back into the forest while the public was advised to stay away from the area near the Boat Ramp A.


Image Source: twitter.com

5What happen when wildlife officers approached the bear?

The wildlife officers went there to make the bear run back in the woods but the bear was not afraid of the officials as he was already habitual of dealing with humans in a peaceful manner. The officials also saw that people have left a good amount of food for the bear on the roadside.


Image Source: sputniknews.com


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