14 Times Tourists Acted As Jerks And Spoiled The Beautiful Locations They Visited


Almost all of us like to enjoy a vacation at a beautiful place with our families because it not only makes us happy but also refreshes us. However, there are some points which every person should keep in mind when they visit any place or city as a tourist. A tourist should always make sure that he does nothing which spoils the beauty of the place or destructs it and if he is visiting a place which has wild animals then their right to privacy should also be respected. But the sad part is that not every tourist understands the importance of acting intelligently and they make some mistakes for which they should be punished.

1Tourists ripped feathers of Peacocks

Some tourists in Beijing wildlife park which is near the Great Wall were seen chasing the peacocks and after catching them, these Chinese tourists ripped off their feathers. Some other tourists tried to stop them but these people didn’t stop and kept repeating their cruel act until every peacock ran away from there.

Image Source: pressa.tv


2Side-effects of selfie seen in Lisbon, Portugal

Taking selfie has become a very popular trend nowadays, thanks to the smartphones every Tom, Dick and Harry considers himself an ace photographer. One tourist wanted to take a selfie with the statue of Saint Michael which is at the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon.

But he backed up a little more than needed and as a result the statue was on the ground, broken into pieces. The statue got broken to such an extent that it was not even possible to repair it.


Image Source: dropi.ru

3The pathetic condition of Margate beach after a 500 person event got over

It has been observed that people love to party on the beaches but when it comes to cleaning the litter; they are not at all concerned about it. A 500 person program was organized at the Margate beach, UK and after the program got over, empty bottles, paper plates and other waste items were lying all over the beach. As per BBC, Thanet District Council got the beach cleaned and it is also looking for the people responsible for the act.


Image Source: filing.pl

4Two Indonesians damaged sculptures which dated back to 1000 BC

Two Indonesian tourists visited the La Venta Museum and Park in Tabasco, Mexico and they damaged a total of 15 sculptures by spraying liquid oil on them. It also includes the giant Olmec head which is known as, “The Old Warrior” and these sculptures dated back upto 1000 BC.


Image Source: www.belagarota.com

5The bamboo forest in Kyoto

The bamboo forest is one of the biggest attractions of Kyoto, Japan but what some tourists did is really unacceptable. Nearly 100 bamboo trees were spoiled after graffiti was carved on these trees in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese languages. For the time being, the staff used green tape to hide the writings but it has been reported that all these trees will be chopped down soon.


Image Source: izismile.com


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