A Titanic Survivor Says the Ship Did Not Sink Because Of an Iceberg


5Facts to corroborate the survivors account

In his article, Khachatryan gives the reader several facts to increase the authenticity and logic of Byurat’s account. He says that documentary shots of the Titanic lying at the bottom of the sea have not shown the so-called 90 meter crack in the hull of the ship as a result of the collision with the iceberg.

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6They called him Uncle Vaginak

Calling him Uncle Vaginak, he says Byurat was a friend of his father who always spoke about how he survived that ill-fated incident. He narrated how Byurat would describe that night of April 14, 1912. He says Vaginak was in a cabin with two Englishmen, and a Frenchman named Morin with whom he became close friends. Khachatryan writes “


“After midnight on April 14 (the British were already asleep, and the friends just lay down) Vaginak saw that a night light went out from a powerful explosion.”What is it?” – He asked. “I’m afraid if we are in danger,” Morin responded. The British fell from the strong push to the floor; one hurt his arm, the other head. Young people helped them and, having thrown something on themselves, left the cabin. Everything was calm. Attempts to find out what happened did not lead to anything. But after a while, the friends noticed how the sailors were preparing the lifeboats and heard the command: “women and children first.”

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7The same explanations were given by other survivors too

Vaginak’s story would have been debunked had other survivors not come forward with similar theories. Some survivors say that there were around 4 explosions on the ship and that’s why there was panic everywhere. Author Bill Wormstedt who is also a researcher has provided some good evidence after interviewing survivors who could easily convince anyone that it was never an iceberg that led to the sinking of the Titanic.

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8He jumped into the sea and saved his life

Khachatryan explains how Vaginak would describe his ordeal. When the boats were being lowered, Vaginak rushed for one to try his luck. Immediately from somewhere he heard a pistol shot and instinctively he jumped into the water. Morin went in after him and they whispered to each other how that poor fool had saved their lives. He said the sea was calm but he felt terribly tired. All of a sudden he heard a loud roar and when he looked around, the Titanic had disappeared into the sea.

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