A Titanic Survivor Says the Ship Did Not Sink Because Of an Iceberg


The Titanic is a common name in maritime history, on the internet and even movies and documentaries. Everyone knows how the grand unsinkable ship sank. According to records and public assumption, it was a huge iceberg that sealed the fate of the ship, the largest luxury liner of the time and the pride of the white Starline shipping company. The ship sank on its maiden voyage off the coast of new Foundland and there are eerie stories surrounding the disaster suggesting that the ship was doomed the moment it set sail from Southampton. The question is, did it really hit an iceberg?

1New evidence says that it wasn’t an iceberg that caused the Titanic to sink

Now another conspiracy theory has surfaced with fresh evidence that the Titanic didn’t sink because of the iceberg but because of another reason. The evidence points out to explosions and fires on the ship and that is what caused the ship to sink.

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2A survivor provided fresh insight into the disaster

It is common knowledge from the internet, movies and history books that the Titanic sank after hitting the iceberg but how could it have sunk because of the fires and explosions? The main evidence is a survivor Vaghinak Byurat who did not mention an iceberg. It is his story being taken into account and regarded as new evidence that the Titanic did not sink because of the iceberg.

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3He was an Armenian businessman travelling to America

Vaghinak Byurat was a businessman who was travelling to America on a business trip. He was also taking along with him a huge batch of books. He reported that he saw the sinking of the Titanic with his own eyes and that he was a survivor of that unfortunate disaster that would go down in history as one of the biggest the world has ever seen in maritime history.

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4The man who interviewed him

It was Shaen Khachatryan the director of the National Art Gallery of the Republic of Armenia who knew Vagvhinak and interviewed him. Thereafter he wrote a long account of the interview. Byurat survived the sinking and lived a long life thereafter. He would often speak about the disaster but whenever he did, he never once mentioned n iceberg and always spoke about an explosion that rocked the ship.

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