10 Times When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Haven Broken the Royal Family’s Golden Rules


Well it’s obvious now that royal rules of English monarchy which were held sacrosanct for so many centuries are …well meant to be broken. This tradition of breaking rules and being a rebel started from the era of Princess Diana who shocked the royal family as well as her subjects by her candid interviews about her personal marriage debacle. The monarchs seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief when Kate Middleton became a party of the family and happily followed all the dictums of royal court without any objections. But now the royal boat is being rocked once again by none other than new entrant in their household Meghan Markle. Both Prince Harry and his wife are hell-bent in proving those archaic rules belong in the past.

1Meghan Markle doesn’t wear a bra during an official event

Right from the beginning the duchess of Sussex created uproar. In her first public appearance, she wore a nude dress from goat and matching hat from Philip Tracy. All was fine till the press noticed she had ditched her bra! It’s an unwritten rule that any royal female cannot appear in a public ceremony without wearing customary underwear but Meghan being true feminist believes that elegant styles can be combined with personal comforts.

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2Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t hide their feelings in public

The monarchy frowns upon the public display of affection and therefore public hugs and kisses are strict no-no for the royal family for so many centuries. But the times sure are changing now because the duke and duchess of Sussex do not have any problems with it.

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They love PDA

They regularly hold hands and hug each other. After Prince Harry won the charity polo match, he kissed Meghan passionately which was not even dared off even 50 years back. Even Princess Diana showed her affection to Prince Charles after every sporting events.

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3Meghan Markle closes car doors by herself

Even if this small gesture is very normal and not a violent disregard of code of conduct in the rule books of monarchy, but etiquette experts says that if you are part of the royalty or an important dignitary, there is a staff to open and close car doors for you. But old habits die hard and it shows how self-made and independent she is.

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