12 Times Science Proved How Incredibly Amazing Our World Is In 2019


2019 was an eventful year where we saw several images splashed on the telly and the internet. We watched news that was sad, angry, happy and heart-warming, news of amazing discoveries in technology, archaeology and the world at large. From Tardigrades on the moon to jewel-like lakes found under Greenland, there have been some phenomenal events in the scientific world and here are the gems of science that occurred in 2019.

1How we got showered in gold

According to astronomer’s calculations, the solar system could have been showered with million pounds of gold and platinum resulting from a single merger between two neutron stars. This could have happened 100 million years ago even before the formation of the solar system. Such collisions of ultradense giant stars also ended their own existence. Scientists estimate that the merger occurred 1000 light-years from us which means that the gold ornament that you wear also carries a bit of that explosive past.

Image Source: www.quo.es


2Lunar tardigrades?

Did you know that in April, thousands of tardigrades, microscopic animals landed on the moon during a failed landing attempt on the moon by an Israeli spacecraft called Beresheet? The tardigrades were dehydrated a d their metabolic activity had been suspended. They could have survived the crash landing but to come back to life, they need water. The chances of tardigrades colonizing the moon are slim but one can imagine thousands of these chubby microscopic beasties roaming on the lunar surface.

Image Source: gstatic.com


3Trippy wonderland discovered

Scientists discovered a fantastic expanse of hydrothermal vents which were like glimmering pools of piping hot fluids, rainbow-colored life-forms and huge mineral structures as high as 75 feet from the seafloor. The researchers said it could have been built up over a period of ten years of hydrothermal venting ramped up by mineral-laden water jets oozing out of the seafloor.

Image Source: futurecdn.net


4Ninja rat drop-kicks rattlesnake

This was a viral event where a slow-motion video of a kangaroo rat landing a dropkick in blinding fast motion on a deadly rattlesnake made it look straight out of some ninja movie. The kangaroo rat being called-Ninja Rat on the internet became a sensation but researchers found that kangaroo rats could react in such ways to rattlesnakes in less than 38 milliseconds. They could also leap clear of the snake in 70 milliseconds.

Image Source: www.sciencealert.com


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