Teen with Family Anti-Vax Beliefs Who Sued School for Chicken Pox Ban Has Contracted Chicken Pox Instead


9It worked for us; it will work for them too

The chicken pox vaccine was first introduced in the nineties and many parents may have grown up without it which is why they have always been under the impression that “chicken pox parties” is a time tested traditional way to manage the disease. They feel that since these type of methods worked for them, they will work for their children too.  This it leaves one thinking where does that leave modern medicine and all the breakthroughs.

The CDC says “CDC strongly recommends against hosting or participating in these events,” Chickenpox can be serious and can lead to severe complications and death, even in healthy children.” Two doses of the vaccine are more than 90 percent effective at preventing chickenpox.”

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10What do you do when your child gets chicken pox?

The problem is that when one does get chicken pox, what do you do?? Well according to the CDC, there are a number of ways to manage the symptoms of the disease once it attacks a child. The main symptoms are irritation and an intense itching. This must be prevented at all costs as scratching the lesions with dirty mails can result in further inflammation. Here are 5 ways to manage chicken pox.

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11A variety of natural treatments

As per the CDC, there are many things you can do to get relief when suffering from Chickenpox. Calamine lotion is perhaps the best and can be applied after a cool bath with baking soda, uncooked oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal.

Scratching should be prevented to avoid the infection spreading or contracting a bacterial infection. Fingernails should be cut and trimmed short and kept clean at all times.

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12Neem leaves

Soaking Neem leaves or Indian lilac leaves is an excellent natural remedy to relive the itching an irritation of chicken pox.  Either soak a bunch of neem leaves in water and bathe the child with it or boil neem leaves, allow the water to cool and then do the same. You can also wash the leaves and make a paste of it. Then apply the paste on the lesions.

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13Over the counter medication

To control itching, anti-allergy medication can be given to the patient after consulting a doctor as you should never dose a child yourself.  The CDC says never to use aspirin to control fever in chickenpox as it is associated with Reyes syndrome that affects the liver. Pediatricians recommend acetaminophen for relief from fever. You can also purchase calamine-based anti-allergy lotions to apply in the affected areas.

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