Teen with Family Anti-Vax Beliefs Who Sued School for Chicken Pox Ban Has Contracted Chicken Pox Instead


5He is allowed to return after the infection stage is over

Jerome will be allowed to return to school when his lesions have scabbed over which is the time the disease is no longer contagious. This was revealed by the Kentucky’s cabinet of Health and Family Services. Jerome hasn’t attended school since March 15th. The family, on the other hand, does not regret their decision of not getting Jerome vaccinated. They cite religious grounds for not doing so because some they feel that some vaccines are derived from legally aborted fetal cells and that according to their religion is immoral and sinful.

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6What the family had to say

Speaking in an interview the attorney for the family said: “These are deeply held religious beliefs, they’ve sincerely held beliefs, from their perspective, they always recognized they were running the risk of getting it, and they were OK with it.”

“The ban was stupid,” he added. “He could have contracted this in March and been back to school by now.”

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7What the family had to say

It might seem unfair to many that Kunkel had to miss school and then also contract chickenpox later but one needs to see that the ban was in the larger interest of the community and it is never about just one individual. If Kunkel was coming down with chickenpox, he would have affected several other children since the condition is highly contagious.

8The CDC advises against traditional methods

The CDC or The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises against such bizarre practices as “chicken pox parties” which is an outdated and weird way to control the virus. This was before the vaccine was invented where children were made to get chicken pox so that their risk of acquiring it, later on, was reduced a lot. Once you contract chicken pox, it’s highly unlikely that you will contract it again.

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