Teen with Family Anti-Vax Beliefs Who Sued School for Chicken Pox Ban Has Contracted Chicken Pox Instead


Regardless of what advice you may receive against vaccination, the bottom line is that vaccinations are important. If they weren’t, then humans would have had a very tough time dealing with disease which till now has been controlled in a huge way simply because of vaccinations. Immunization is the only safe way to deal with deadly diseases like rubella, diphtheria, polio mumps, measles, chickenpox, and hepatitis. That being said, one teen who went as far as to sue his school for excluded him for not being vaccinated has gone and got chicken pox himself. Now that’s ironical for you.

1He sued his school

When the school excluded him, Jerome Kunkel went ahead and sued his school.  This was when the Northern Kentucky Health Department banned all students who had not been vaccinated from attending class. If they wanted to do so they would have to prove they were immune to the disease or had their vaccinations. The announcement came after an outbreak of chickenpox in the school.

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2He wasn’t allowed to join the basketball team

 Jerome, in fact, made headlines after he sued the Kentucky Health Department over the issue. The Catholic school that he studied on told him that he would not be allowed to play basketball for the school team if he was not immunized against chicken pox as was the school’s policy.

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3His family objects to vaccines on religious grounds

The boy’s family is among a growing number of people in the US who object to vaccinations on moral grounds. His father stated that it was a type of tyranny against religion, faith and country. His father Bill Kunkel also went on to say “He’s being penalized because he’s a healthy child, he may not ever get chickenpox.” But he did didn’t he?

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4And he now has chickenpox

Christopher Wiest, the lawyer of Jerome Kunkel told NBC news that Kunkel had showed signs of contracting chicken pox last week and he hopes that he will recover in a week or so. The usual time for chicken pox to last is around 10-14 days.

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