15 Suspicious Small Details That Scream “Call The Police!”


6Check your security settings

When you install a home security system you get accompanying software that lets you customize your system. This software gives you a dashboard from which you can record and control your camera. It is a good idea to check your settings as often as possible for any change. While most software alerts to sudden unknown changes, some hackers can get past these protocols.

Check your security settings

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7Missing data or footage

When you set up your home security system you can see the footage it has been recording since it was installed. Here you will notice a shortage of data if it was hacked. This will alert you that someone has hacked your camera and has stolen some footage. You should immediately call the cops and turn off the cameras.


8Don’t use Wi-Fi-powered lights

Today’s technology has made us lazy. We have Wi-Fi-powered bulbs that can be turned on and off using our smartphones. Many people do buy them proudly displaying them all throughout their house being completely unaware that a hacker can control them too. These bulbs are easy to hack into and control.

Don’t use Wi-Fi-powered lights

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9Getting logged off your security system

This is a major red flag. You may have noticed that sometimes you get logged out of some apps on your phone and you can just log back in. This is not the same. If you ever open your security system and it asks you to log back in you have to stay alert. See if you changed your password recently and check all your recent logs for changes.

Getting logged off your security system

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10Smart locks can be hacked as well

The laziness of humans seems to have no boundaries and our dependence on technology will be our downfall. Nowadays we have smart locks that need no key to unlock and can be opened using our phones. These are the easiest to hack into unless they are very expensive and put in place by a reputable company.



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