15 Suspicious Small Details That Scream “Call The Police!”


Is your home security camera protecting your house or watching you? If you’ve seen any Hollywood action thriller about people hacking and taking over technology then you will know this is an easy thing to do.

It is not that hard to hack into a system and override the protocols without the administrator even knowing. Most people who install home security are not that tech-savvy and often don’t know they’ve been hacked. Here are some simple and easy tips to remember if you feel like you’re being watched.

1A dark hole on random objects

This is something you should look out for while traveling or staying in a cheap hotel. Look around and see if you see anything with a suspicious dark hole on it as it could be a camera. Thanks to our technology today we can place a camera anywhere and in anything. This is what some disgusting people use to spy and make illegal videos of unsuspecting people.


2Random blinking LED light

Most camera systems have a blinking red LED light that lets you know they are on. Some modern security systems use a red LED light to let you know that they have been compromised and that they’ve been hacked by someone. If you see a camera with a blinking LED light that looks suspicious, call the cops.


3Check up your settings

If you have a security system installed in your home always check your settings. Go through the logs and you might find some unexpected entries of settings being changed or tampered with. This will come in handy in tracking down what was changed and who changed it.

Check up your settings

Image Source: www.vert-elec.com

4The camera angle has changed

Always look at your camera, be it in your house or outside. Make sure you remember the angle they were facing. Normally when someone hacks a camera they physically move it to a different angle to get a better view of what they want to see. Knowing where your camera was facing will let you spot this change.

The camera angle has changed

Image Source: vivint.com

5Camera moving on its own

Most home security owners install their camera at a certain angle and leave it that way. If you notice that your camera angle has changed but then moved back to normal, there could be something fishy. Security cameras can’t move with the breeze and require some physical force to move the angle they were facing.



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