10 Genuine Signs Of Intelligence That Can’t Be Faked – How Many Do You Possess?


There are many who profess to be intelligent, however not everyone can claim to be so because knowledge isn’t only just acquired,  it is a symptom of your own physiology in terms of  mental perception, awareness, and thought. There are some people who do acquire knowledge from external sources as everyone does but then that is limited to the time they stop doing so, while others are intelligent to the level of evolving their own thought process to higher realms of thinking and insight. Such people are forever pondering upon their existential way of being and even giving themselves answers for it. But what is common to such people is that they never profess to be intelligent and come across as simple and empathic human beings simply because knowledge makes you value life and humanity.

1Today’s education system does not signify intelligence

Today, the entire education system is flawed. A child’s evolution from joining school to passing out is not marked by how much they know but by how much they can score in exams. No scale can ever measure intelligence because it is a thought process as mentioned earlier. A child who just doesn’t care about good scores may possess beyond average intelligence than the class topper. It was Einstein who said that our education system tests everyone the same way one would test the ability of a monkey, a fish or an elephant to climb a tree. Got it?? Just because a monkey can climb a tree and an elephant cannot doesn’t make the elephant less intelligent. Without further ado, there are marked signs that a person is creative, scientific, a genius or intelligent above average. Are you one of them?

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1You are Empathetic towards others

According to psychologists, those with a high emotional quotient should be regarded as highly intelligent because studies have found that intelligent people are more considerate of people around them and in tune with the emotions of others around them.

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Empathy helps you be considerate and connect with others

When you are aware of your surroundings and you find energies nearby then empathy connects two people on a very personal level but to do that you need to be highly intelligent for it so if you are empathetic then consider yourself a highly intelligent person.

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2You understand how much you don’t know

When you admit and acknowledge that you don’t know everything, it depicts a true learner and a person who has an open mind to new ideas, solutions and ways of doing things. It shows a mind that is not rigid and is willing to absorb new knowledge. It is your inner tendency to see the tangential aspect of all situations and issues.

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