8 Self-Defense Tips That Can Harm You Instead of Doing Good


3Trying to reason with the attacker

You can have an idea that if you talk to your attacker and try to diffuse the situation, the chances of you not getting hurt can be less. This usually leads to an opposite result. The main focus of the attacker is to complete his objective to rob or injure you. So anything you do that stops him from completing his objective would be taken as fuel to his aggression. Talking can irritate the assailant even more and can cause him to take even extreme measures which can be dangerous or you.

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4Learning self-defense techniques online

Watching online videos which explain how you can defend yourself in dangerous situation isn’t actually the right approach for learning self-defense. When you watch videos which show someone fighting off an attacker, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do it.


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Join a martial arts class instead

You may feel that you can fight off an attacker after watching these types of videos. It looks very easy in videos as the instructors display every move on participants slowly. But in a real-life scene, the attacker won’t go along with every move you try to display. It is recommended to join martial arts or self-defense class.


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5Throwing your belongings on the ground when mugged

If you are getting mugged, you may think that throwing all your valuables in one direction and escaping from the other would be a good idea. But you’re wrong, it can make the mugger angrier as you didn’t follow their instructions and tried to distract them and run away. They would use force to hurt you if you complied.


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