Raising A Nice Girl Is One of The Biggest Mistakes Parents Cab Make. Here Are the Reasons Why


Most parents with daughters always do their best to raise the perfect daughter. They strive to raise her as the “ideal girl” trying to instill qualities like being kind and respectful, the way society dictates. This might seem right in their eyes, but in reality, trying to training her throughout her life to be a faultless person will not be good for her in the long run. It would only have harmful and devastating results.

While niceness is necessary to make the world a better place it should be used with care and caution. Here are some reasons why parents should never raise their daughters to be an excessively nice girl:

1She will never have time for herself

It’s a common thing among nice people to put others before themselves. This is why you should never raise your girl to be a perfect and selfless little princess because she might end up exerting all of her efforts in trying to please and serve other people. At the same time, she will neglect being kind to herself and also forget giving herself the self-care she deserves. This can lead to problems like burnouts and sickness. There is a saying: “help yourself first, before helping others”.

She will never have time for herself

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2She can end up having mental health issues

It can prove to be very tiresome and exhausting if you engage in the act of constant self-giving. It might be difficult for her but she nevertheless, hides her tiredness and sadness behind little smiles and doesn’t complain about always giving too much but never being on the receiving end. She may even be a victim of anxiety and depression or other addictive behaviors which make her a slave to unhappiness because she tends to keep everything to herself.

She can end up having mental health issues

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3It would be difficult for her to build lasting relationships

People will obviously take advantage of her and only come running to her for help in the name of friendship because she is too nice to decline. While being a caring friend is good, but being a people-pleaser will only make her relationships into phony one-way streets. In the case of romantic relationships, it can only turn stale and unhappy or even abusive.

Build lasting relationships

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4She is susceptible to manipulation and can be put in danger

When it comes to harmful situations and inappropriate advances being too compassionate and overly caring to everyone can make your daughter naïve and blind her judgment. If people see this kind of trait in her they will not hesitate to take the opportunity to control her and take advantage of her kind heart and aptitude to please everyone. She can put herself in jeopardy of being abused because of the constant desire to be of assistance to others and her inability to refuse and say no.

She is susceptible to manipulation

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