16 Positive Things That Happened In 2019 That Prove It Was An Excellent Year


13The Netherlands has no stray dogs

A second time for the Netherlands on this list as they became the very first country in 2019 to have no stray dogs. This was an incredible achievement for animal welfare and shelter. Stray dogs can be dangerous for traffic and a menace for society. So, in the Netherlands, they were all gathered up and put into shelters where they could be treated and even put up for adoption.

Image Source: amsterdamhangout.com

14California’s law against animal cruelty

2019 saw a new law passed in California which was against animal cruelty. The law prohibits the sale and purchase of natural fur products. These natural fur products are often brutally stripped from animals in very inhuman ways. Reducing the sales of natural fur products will reduce animal cruelty done to get it.


Image Source: mnn.com

15A medical breakthrough

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine went to three scientists that discovered the molecular switch that regulates how cells behave when oxygen levels drop. This is a remarkable discovery as it showed us the fundamental machinery behind one of life’s most essential processes, converting oxygen to energy. This will pave the way for promising new drugs to treat anemia, cancer, and many other diseases.


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1640 countries banned wild animals in circuses

Even in 2019, there are circuses. The circuses of today are quite different from the ones that our grandparents saw. Nowadays, the trainers are much more skilled and loving to the animals. But, there are some that still employ shady tactics such as using wild animals. These can be very dangerous if something goes wrong. This is why 40 countries in 2019 banned the participation of wild animals in circuses.


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