16 Positive Things That Happened In 2019 That Prove It Was An Excellent Year


2019 is almost over and with it another decade. Life in 2019 was filled with highs and lows for every individual living on our planet, every culture, every race, and every country. There were many negative things as well as many positives things that made headlines in 2019.

Before we step into 2020 and see what the future holds for us we need to see what we accomplished this year. Let’s try to not end this decade on a bad note but remember all the good things that happened throughout 2019 that changed the world or affected it in a positive way.

1The world is much greener

In 2019, NASA reported that the world was much greener now than 20 years ago. This is due to many environmental projects that are trying to save the planet by planting more trees. This was one of the biggest and best news for 2019 as we are trying to save the only planet we have. With efforts like this, we could be heading to a greener, healthier, future.


Image Source: nasa.gov

2In the Netherlands

Utrecht, a city in Holland, the Netherlands saw a major change in its bus stops. They gave 316 bus stops a complete makeover and turned them into bee stops with green roofs. The roofs were covered with sedum flowers that act as an oasis for bees. They also helped absorb rainwater, capture dust or pollutants and even regulate temperatures.


Image Source: greenmatters.com

3Vet Friends Foundation

The Vet Friends Foundation organization was started in 2018 but got massive attention in 2019. The organization helps finds owners among retired lonely war veterans for old homeless dogs. The organization even treats the dogs for free and takes care of any medical expenses that could come up later. This ensures that the animals have a home and the war vets have a friend.


Image Source: www.goodnewsnetwork.org

4The humpback whale population increased

There was a time when the humpback whale was on the verge of extinction. This was back in the late ‘50s when this species was on the endangered list and people did not know how to save it. Thankfully due to major restrictions on poaching and better water body usage, the species has been recovered almost completely with the current number of them alive being around 450.


Image Source: ctfassets.net


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