15 Photos That Show How Surprisingly Different Iran Was During The 60s And 70s


Post-eighties, the political world has seen drastic changes in terms of culture, traditions, nature of governance, society and just about everything else. Countries that appeared even more liberal in thought word and deed in comparison to western countries suddenly changed overnight into rigid fundamentalist societies. A new frame of thought that had no room for dissent took over through revolutions framed by radically influenced leaders and citizens suddenly found themselves in a new era altogether. The Middle East is proof of such radical change where countries like Iran were the most drastic examples of change. Given the fact that the Shah of Iran was not exactly a saint but still the Iran of the sixties and seventies was nothing like the Iran of today. Take a look.

1 Stewardesses of Iran Air

Can you ever contemplate Iranian women being allowed to dress like this? In terms of today, such attire which of course there is nothing wrong with would still be considered indecent and a woman will be ostracized for it and may even be arrested. Given the fact that young Iranians today do wear jeans and trousers, but a woman’s legs should be covered and a hijab or headscarf is a must. Here’s what Iran Air stewardesses wear today. One can’t deny, they still look smart though.

Image Source: www.vikingwings.com


2A magazine cover featuring The Beatles’ Paul McCartney’s visit to Iran

Well? What do you know, even Paul McCartney visited Iran. Yes, the McCartney of iconic British group The Beatles visited Iran in 1968 after the group visited Delhi, India. Paul went on an invite by Iranian/Armenian pop star, Vigen (The man sitting right side of Paul McCartney). Vigen was the first singer/artist/musician to introduce and revolutionize pop music in Iran.

Image Source: imgur.com


3Just a casual group

It was easy for friends groups both men and women to hang out with each other in public. As for the dress code, Iran also has a guidance patrol, an undercover law enforcement squad also known as “Morality Police” who survey and arrest mostly women in public for dress-code violations.

Image Source: stepcdn.com


4Queen Farah and Andy Warhol

Farah Pahlavi, the daughter of a prosperous family was educated in Paris where she met the then Shah of Iran. The couple were married in December 1959. She was not engaged in political activity but ran several charities and also founded Iran’s first American-style university, enabling more women to become students. She is pictured here with famous artist, director and producer Andy Warhol who started the pop art trend.

Image Source: www.tripadvisor.in


5Iranian Bicycle advertisement

Forget about the advertisement, in 2016 the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa explicitly banning women from cycling in public, but it was not strictly enforced. Police and vigilantes are free to confiscate bikes and arrest offenders who could be subject to Islamic punishment.

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com


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